July 11, 2019
1 Year, 11 months and 7 days since
our Reunion.
  Fifty years ago or so, you took a trip to Childs, Maryland to see what life as an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales would be like. Most of us found out that it was a great life punctuated with prayers, hard work, studies, snowball fights, Sr. Jane's cooking and kissing the floor...... A considerable number of folks left right there!
  The rest moved on to college, teaching, and more school. Somewhere along the line, a whole bunch more went our own way. Such is life. How about calling all of us "The Wild Geese" after the 19th Century Irish Catholics who joined Napoleon to fight against the English? In Latin that would be: "anseres a lacu abiti" - Geese who've flown the pond!
But we still made terrific friendships which deserved to be renewed. We've weathered a half century of adventures, successes, and failures. There's a lot of catching up to do.


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The Committees:

2012 Reunion II                                                     2011 Reunion I
Malvern, PA                                                            Camp De Sales
                                                                                Brooklyn, MI          

Jim Douglas                                                             Bill Albe
Bill Maher                                                                Frank DeMilde
Ray McCracken                                                       Ron Kotz
Jim Murphy                                                             Mike Meloche 
Art Nicoletti                                                            Bill Mittendorf
                                                                                Tim Pilat
 Tony Sutton
                                                                                Don Zurack

2015 Reunion III                                                 2017 Reunion IV
Camp De Sales                                                     DeSales University
Brooklyn, MI                                                        Allentown, PA

Frank DeMilde                                                      Frank DeMilde
Ron Kotz                                                               Jim Gallagher

Bill Mittendorf                                                      Ron Kotz
Tim Pilat                                                               Ray McCracken
Tony Sutton                                                          Tim Pilat

Don Zurack                                                           Pat Wright

2019 Reunion V
Niagara University
Lewiston, NY

Frank DeMilde
Bob Elias
Dick Fell
Ron Kotz
Ray McCracken
Dick Moore
Jim Murphy
Pat Wright

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